The Kennels

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The kennels offer exceptionally large sleeping accommodation suitable for single or multiple occupancy with families of 4 dogs catered for in one kennel. They provide plenty of room to move about or indeed individual space for sleeping without being crowded.

Each kennel has its own large individual external exercise run and each kennel has its own infrared ceramic heaters which are always in use during the colder months, or indeed if our guest requests it. We use specially designed raised beds to provide optimum comfort for our guests.

All bedding and toys are provided, however, you are welcome to bring your pets own bed and toys if you prefer (no bean bags or feather duvets, please!).


During the day, each guest has plenty of opportunity to spend time with us playing in our dedicated 1.5-acre secure “doggy paddocks”. Guests are only exercised with their own family members.

Room Service

Room service is provided daily, whereby all kennels are cleaned, beds made and fresh water provided. Once the kennels are vacated they are completely sterilised inside and out using a county council recommended animal safe product. This includes the bed and its bedding.


We believe in offering a balanced and nutritious diet using recognised leading brands such as Pedigree complete, Pro Plan, Bakers. James Wellbeloved non-allergenic complete and meat to tempt the less interested! We are more than happy to cater for individual diets and if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own food.